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The cards were primarily distributed primarily in single card packs that 1 penny a piece. The single packs came 120 per box and five card packs that cost 5 cents each.

Base Set[]

  • 1953 Bowman BW Checklist

The 64-card set is slightly oversized at 2-1/2" x 3-3/4" and is identical to the 1953 Color set except the obivious black and white pictures. The Black and White set was produced in smaller quantities than the Color set and contains no short prints.


Card #43 Hal Bevan was first produced with his birth year incorrectly stated as 1950 rather than 1930. The error was apparently caught early in the printing cycle as it is much more difficult to obtain.

Key Cards[]

There are no key rookies in this set. In fact there is very little star power of any kind in this set.

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