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1983 Mother's Cookies Giants is a baseball card set from Mother's Cookies. Twenty card set features 19 players and the manager of the Giants. Fifteen of the cards were given away randomly in packs at the August 17, 1983 game between the Giants and the Astros. Packs of five cards could be redeemed via a coupon. However, the receiving a coupon pack and a game give-away pack did not guarantee a complete set. The most notable card is that of Hall of Famer Frank Robinson.


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The player checklist oddly includes veteran Mike Vail who only appeared in 27 at-bats for the Giants before being traded to the Expos. Brad Wellman the primary second baseman and Jim Barr who pitched more than 90 innings for the Giants were left out.

Number Player
1 Frank Robinson
2 Jack Clark
3 Chili Davis
4 Johnnie LeMaster
5 Greg Minton
6 Bob Brenly
7 Fred Breining
8 Jeff Leonard
9 Darrell Evans
10 Tom O'Malley
11 Duane Kuiper
12 Mike Krukow
13 Atlee Hammaker
14 Gary Lavelle
15 Bill Laskey
16 Max Venable
17 Joel Youngblood
18 Dave Bergman
19 Mike Vail
20 And McGaffigan