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Wax Box Cards' (also referred to as Wax Box Bottom Cards) is an insert set in 1989 Fleer. Four cards were on the bottom of each wax box. The cards carry a C prefix.


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Number Player Team
1 Logo Mets
2 Wade Boggs Red Sox
3 George Brett Royals
4 Jose Canseco A's
5 Logo A's
6 Will Clark Giants
7 David Cone Mets
8 Andres Galarraga Expos
9 Logo Dodgers
10 Kirk Gibson Dodgers
11 Mike Greenwell Red Sox
12 Tony Gwynn Padres
13 Logo Tigers
14 Orel Hershiser Dodgers
15 Danny Jackson Reds
16 Wally Joyner Angels
17 Logo Red Sox
18 Logo Yankees
19 Fred McGriff Blue Jays
20 Kirby Puckett Twins
21 Chris Sabo Reds
22 Kevin Seitzer Royals
23 Logo Pirates
24 Logo Astors
25 Darryl Strawberry Mets
26 Alan Trammell Tigers
27 Andy Van Slyke Pirates
28 Frank Viola Twins

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