1989 Topps Baseball

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Base Set

Tiffany Parallel Set

Insert Sets

Although there were no chase inserts like those that would begin to dominate the hobby in the early 1990's, there were some cards inserted into specialty packs (Rack and various cello packs) typically on a one per pack basis.

Batting Leaders

Glossy All-Stars

1989 Topps AS Glossy 19.jpg

Each Rack Pack contained one Glossy All-Stars card. The cards were visible in the pack so the desired player could be chosen, making it easy to complete the set.

Glossy Rookies

Wax Box Cards

  • Wax Box Cards Checklist and Gallery

On the bottom of each wax box was a panel that included four cards. The panels could be cut into standard sized cards. The checklist includes many stars of the day and an identical design to the base set, but with different photography. Uncut panels still built into the boxes do carry a slight premium over the standard single, but overall demand remains low due to high print runs.

Glossy Send-Ins

Included in packs were detailed on how to send off for a special glossy set that included major league All-Stars and prospects.

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