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Glossy All-Stars is an insert set in 1989 Topps. For the fifth year, Topps inserted a set featuring the previous season's All-Star teams inside of rack packs. Each pack had one Glossy All-Star that was visible when the pack was purchased. As these cards were printed in very high amounts and were very easy to find, they are virtually worthless as singles. Several players were included in this set that were not in any other Topps Glossy All-Stars sets: Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, and Frank Viola.



Number Player Team
1 Tom Kelly MG Twins
2 Mark McGwire A's
3 Paul Molitor Brewers
4 Wade Boggs Red Sox
5 Cal Ripken Orioles
6 Jose Canseco A's
7 Rickey Henderson Yankees
8 Dave Winfield Yankees
9 Terry Steinbach A's
10 Frank Viola Twins
11 Bobby Doerr CAPT Red Sox
12 Whitey Herzog MG Cardinals
13 Will Clark Giants
14 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
15 Bobby Bonilla Pirates
16 Ozzie Smith Cardinals
17 Vince Coleman Cardinals
18 Andre Dawson Cubs
19 Darryl Strawberry Mets
20 Gary Carter Mets
21 Dwight Gooden Mets
22 Willie Stargell CAPT Pirates

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