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1990 Bowman was a baseball card set produced by Topps. The focus of the set was primarily on rookies and prospects. The main change from the previous year's set was to change the cards to standard sized from the slightly oversized cards.


The cards were distributed either in packs or in a factory set.

Base Set

The 528 card base set is organized by teams, starting with the Atlanta Braves and ending with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Key Cards

The notable rookie missing from this set is David Justice, included in the 1990 Topps Traded and 1990 Upper Deck Hi-Number Series.

Originally Ben McDonald, Scott Cooper, Travis Fryman, Chuck Knoblauch, Frank Thomas and Kevin Maas were the major prospects in this set.

Uncorrected Errors

  • 34 - Earl Cunningham
  • 47 - Randy Myers - career ERA listed as .274 and it should be 2.74
  • 122 - Frank Viola - career ERA listed as .384 and it should be 3.84
  • 182 - Don Slaught - Card back has pitching stat headers rather than batting
  • 279 - Dwight Evans - An extra unnecessary asterisk by the words "1990 Team Breakdown"
  • 357 - Cecil Fielder
  • 525 - Checklist - No Copyright mark on card back

Corrected Errors

  • 251 - David Segui (corrected) no additional value for either version.

Parallel Set

A Tiffany Set was produced of the 1990 Bowman set. It was released in factory set form only. It is worth approximately 10 times more than the base set and is relatively rare. The significant rookies in the set sell for a relatively high premium particularly if they are graded.

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