1990 Donruss was a baseball card set released by Donruss.


Distributed in a wide variety of ways including a factory set.

Base SetEdit

The base set is 716 cards.


  • Diamond Kings - #1 - 27
  • Rated Rookies - #28 - 47


There are two distinct variations of the 1990 Donruss set. The cards were were not all printed at the same location, nor were they all even printed in the United States.

  • Inc. / Inc - There is a variation where the period behind the Inc. in the copyright statement is missing.
  • Background Splatter - The black and white "splatter" effect is different between cards that come from the factory set vs. cards that were pulled from packs.


There are 33 error cards and 1 uncorrected error card.

Key CardsEdit

  • Juan Gonzalez - Reverse Negative ERR is a somewhat rare rookie card, relative to other 1990 card sets and print runs.
  • Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa, and Bernie Williams all have rookie cards in the set as well.


Bonus MVP'sEdit

Continuing the tradition from the last several years, Bonus MVP cards were randomly inserted into packs. The players are meant to represent each prespective team's own most valuable player (hence 26 cards in the set). BC-12 has two variations, the error card mistakenly pictures Tom Glavine rather than John Smoltz, the correction shows the correct picture and is slightly hard to find. BC-23, BC-24, and BC-25 were all double printed.

Grand SlammersEdit

One set of Grand Slammers was inserted into each factory set. There are numerous variations on these cards. 5 different background color variations including one with extra black bars in the borders.

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