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Key Cards[]

The key rookie cards in this set include Jeff Bagwell, Chipper Jones, Eric Karros, Ryan Klesko, Kenny Lofton, Javy Lopez, Raul Mondesi, Mike Mussina, Ivan Rodriguez, Tim Salmon, and Jim Thome.


There are two uncorrected errors in the set. Ken Griffey Sr was numbered 247 instead of 255. Also Donovan Osborne was numbered 410 instead of 406.

  • Error found 1/1/2010 -- I might have found another error with the Ken Griffey (it is Sr. but Sr. not on the card) This is the error I found. Card # 246 A* and 246 B* cards do not have the same player on them. 246 A* Has Ken Griffey, JR. on it and 246 B* Has Ken Griffey on it. It is Sr. but Sr. isn't on the card but the DOB on the card is 4/10/1950. Kind of cool...