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Number Player Team RC
1 Pat Kelly Yankees RC
2 Rich DeLucia Mariners
3 Wes Chamberlain Phillies
4 Scott Leius Twins
5 Darryl Kile Astros
6 Milt Cuyler Tigers
7 Todd Van Poppel A's RC
8 Ray Lankford Cardinals
9 Brian R.Hunter Astros RC
10 Tony Perezchica Giants
11 Ced Landrum Cubs RC
12 Dave Burba Indians RC
13 Ramon Garcia White Sox RC
14 Ed Sprague Blue Jays
15 Warren Newson White Sox RC
16 Paul Faries Padres RC
17 Luis Gonzalez Astros
18 Charles Nagy Indians
19 Chris Hammond Reds
20 Frank Castillo Cubs RC
21 Pedro Munoz Twins
22 Orlando Merced Pirates RC
23 Jose Melendez Padres RC
24 Kirk Dressendorfer A's RC
25 Heathcliff Slocumb Cubs RC
26 Doug Simons Mets RC
27 Mike Timlin Blue Jays RC
28 Jeff Fassero Expos RC
29 Mark Leiter Tigers RC
30 Jeff Bagwell Astros RC
31 Brian McRae Royals
32 Mark Whiten Indians
33 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers RC
34 Wade Taylor Yankees RC
35 Darren Lewis Giants RC
36 Mo Vaughn Red Sox
37 Mike Remlinger Giants
38 Rick Wilkins Cubs RC
39 Chuck Knoblauch Twins
40 Kevin Morton Red Sox
41 Carlos Rodriguez Yankees RC
42 Mark Lewis Indians
43 Brent Mayne Royals
44 Chris Haney Expos RC
45 Denis Boucher Indians RC
46 Mike Gardiner Red Sox
47 Jeff Johnson Yankees RC
48 Dean Palmer Rangers
49 Chuck McElroy Cubs
50 Chris Jones Reds RC
51 Scott Kamieniecki Yankees RC
52 Al Osuna Astros RC
53 Rusty Meacham Tigers RC
54 Chito Martinez Orioles RC
55 Reggie Jefferson Indians
56 Checklist 1-56

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