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Inserted in 1991 Donruss Factory Sets.


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Number Player Team
P01 Juan Bell Phillies
P02 Roger Clemens Red Sox
P03 Dave Parker Brewers
P04 Tim Raines White Sox
P05 Kevin Seitzer Brewers
P06 Teddy Higuera Brewers
P07 Bernie Williams Yankees
P08 Harold Baines Orioles
P09 Gary Pettis Rangers
P10 David Justice Braves
P11 Eric Davis Reds
P12 Andujar Cedeno Astros
P13 Tom Foley Expos
P14 Dwight Gooden Mets
P15 Doug Drabek Pirates
P16 Steve Decker Giants
P17 Joe Torre Cardinals
P18 Title Card None

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