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1991 Topps Gallery of Champions is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Topps. This was the final release of the Topps Gallery of Champions that Topps produced, ending an 8 year run on the product. The cards partially parallel the 1991 Topps Baseball set. The cards are mini-sized (1-1/4" x 1-3/4") and made of metal. Three different sets were made: aluminum, bronze and silver.



Number Player Team
50 Bob Welch A's
165 Sandy Alomar Indians
329 David Justice Braves
380 Willie McGee A's
420 Bobby Thigpen White Sox
510 John Franco Mets
540 George Brett Royals
570 Barry Bonds Pirates
670 Rickey Henderson A's
685 Doug Drabek Pirates
720 Cecil Fielder Tigers
740 Ryne Sandberg Cubs