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Diamond Kings is an insert set in 1992 Donruss. For the first time the Diamond Kings subset in Donruss was converted into an insert set. This caused some uproar in the hobby, as changes often do. Cards 1-13 were randomly inserted into Series 1 packs, while cards 14-26 were randomly inserted in Series 2 packs. Each card carries a DK prefix.


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Number Player Team
1 Paul Molitor Brewers
2 Will Clark Giants
3 Joe Carter Blue Jays
4 Julio Franco Rangers
5 Cal Ripken Orioles
6 David Justice Braves
7 George Bell Cubs
8 Frank Thomas White Sox
9 Wade Boggs Red Sox
10 Scott Sanderson Yankees
11 Jeff Bagwell Astros
12 John Kruk Phillies
13 Felix Jose Cardinals
14 Harold Baines A's
15 Dwight Gooden Mets
16 Brian McRae Royals
17 Jay Bell Pirates
18 Brett Butler Dodgers
19 Hal Morris Reds
20 Mark Langston Angels
21 Scott Erickson Twins
22 Randy Johnson Mariners
23 Greg Swindell Indians
24 Dennis Martinez Expos
25 Tony Phillips Tigers
26 Fred McGriff Padres
27 Dick Perez Checklist

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