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1992 Pinnacle Rookies is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Pinnacle Brands. The 30-card boxed set was sold in both retail and hobby outlets. According to Pinnacle only 180,000 sets were produced. At the time of release Pat Listach and Todd Van Poppel were both very hot prospects.


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Number Player Team FY/RC
1 Luis Mercedes Orioles
2 Scott Cooper Red Sox
3 Kenny Lofton Indians
4 John Doherty Tigers
5 Pat Listach Brewers
6 Andy Stankiewicz Yankees
7 Derek Bell Blue Jays
8 Gary DiSarcina Angels
9 Roberto Hernandez White Sox
10 Joel Johnston Royals
11 Pat Mahomes Twins
12 Todd Van Poppel A's
13 Dave Fleming Mariners
14 Monty Fariss Rangers
15 Gary Scott Cubs
16 Moises Alou Expos
17 Todd Hundley Mets
18 Kim Batiste Phillies
19 Denny Neagle Pirates
20 Donovan Osborne Cardinals
21 Mark Wohlers Braves
22 Reggie Sanders Reds
23 Brian Williams Astros
24 Eric Karros Dodgers
25 Frank Seminara Padres RC
26 Royce Clayton Giants
27 Dave Nilsson Brewers
28 Matt Stairs Expos
29 Chad Curtis Angels
30 Carlos Hernandez Dodgers

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