Factory Inserts is a set of cards that were inserted into factory sets of 1992 Score.


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Number Player Team Type
1 Greg Gagne Twins World Series
2 Scott Leius Twins World Series
3 Mark Lemke / Dave Justice Braves World Series
4 Lonnie Smith / Brian Harper Multiple World Series
5 Dave Justice Braves World Series
6 Kirby Puckett Twins World Series
7 Gene Larkin Twins World Series
8 Carlton Fisk COOP White Sox Cooperstown
9 Ozzie Smith COOP Cardinals Cooperstown
10 Dave Winfield COOP Yankees Cooperstown
11 Robin Yount COOP Brewers Cooperstown
12 Joe DiMaggio Yankees
13 Joe DiMaggio Yankees
14 Joe DiMaggio Yankees
15 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox
16 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox
17 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox

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