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1992 Stadium Club was the second Stadium Club set produced and distributed by Topps. The set followed the previous year's formula of cards with a high gloss finish, simple borderless card fronts and excellent photography.


The set was distributed in 3 seperate series. Each series contained 300 cards.

Base Set[]

  • Base Set Checklist and Gallery

The 900-card base included more players than virtually any other set produced up until that time. Cards 591-610 are a "Members Choice" subset featuring the superstars of 1991.


  • There is an A,B,C,D and E variation on the card backs. The letters are printed just to the left of the copyright statement on the bottom of the card back.

Draft Picks Inserts[]

A three card set was produced to highlight the top three choices in the 1991 MLB Draft (Chipper Jones, Brien Taylor, and Phil Nevin). The cards were randomly inserted into Series 3 packs and 1 card was sent to each Stadium Club Member.