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1992 Stadium Club Dome is the second Stadium Club Baseball release from Topps. Although technically released in 1992, the set uses the 1991 Stadium Club card design.


The set was distributed in factory set form only, rather than in packs. The packaging was made to look like the Toronto SkyDome (now known as the Rogers Centre) which hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1991.

Base Set

Key Cards



Number Player Team Card Type UER
1 Terry Adams Cubs RC
2 Tommy Adams Mariners RC
3 Rick Aguilera Twins All-Star
4 Ron Allen Phillies RC
5 Roberto Alomar Blue Jays All-Star
6 Sandy Alomar Jr. Indians All-Star
7 Greg Anthony Astros RC
8 James Austin Expos RC
9 Steve Avery Braves Playoffs
10 Harold Baines A's All-Star
11 Brian Barber Cardinals RC
12 Jon Barnes Padres RC
13 George Bell Cubs All-Star
14 Doug Bennett Dodgers RC
15 Sean Bergman Tigers RC
16 Craig Biggio Astros All-Star
17 Bill Bliss Cubs RC
18 Wade Boggs Red Sox All-Star
19 Bobby Bonilla Pirates All-Star
20 Russell Brock A's RC
21 Tarrik Brock Tigers RC
22 Tom Browning Reds All-Star
23 Brett Butler Dodgers All-Star
24 Ivan Calderon Expos All-Star
25 Joe Carter Blue Jays All-Star
26 Joe Caruso Red Sox RC
27 Dan Cholowsky Cardinals RC
28 Will Clark Giants All-Star
29 Roger Clemens Red Sox All-Star
30 Shawn Curran Orioles RC
31 Chris Curtis Rangers RC
32 Chili Davis Twins Playoffs
33 Andre Dawson Cubs All-Star
34 Joe DeBerry Reds RC
35 John Dettmer USA Team USA
36 Rob Dibble Reds All-Star
37 John Donati Angels RC
38 Dave Doorneweerd Pirates RC
39 Darren Dreifort USA Team USA
40 Mike Durant Twins RC
41 Chris Durkin Astros RC
42 Dennis Eckersley A's All-Star
43 Brian Edmondson Tigers RC
44 Vaughn Eshelman Orioles RC
45 Shawn Estes Mariners RC
46 Jorge Fabregas Angels RC
47 Jon Farrell Pirates RC
48 Cecil Fielder Tigers All-Star
49 Carlton Fisk White Sox All-Star
50 Tim Flannelly Yankees RC
51 Cliff Floyd Expos RC
52 Julio Franco Rangers All-Star
53 Greg Gagne Twins World Series
54 Chris Gambs Giants RC
55 Ron Gant Braves
56 Brent Gates A's RC
57 Dwayne Gerald Royals RC
58 Jason Giambi USA Team USA
59 Benji Gil Rangers RC
60 Mark Gipner Yankees RC
61 Danny Gladden Twins Playoffs
62 Tom Glavine Braves All-Star
63 Jimmy Gonzalez Astros RC
64 Jeff Granger USA Team USA
65 Dan Grapenthien Astros RC
66 Dennis Gray Blue Jays RC
67 Shawn Green Blue Jays RC
68 Tyler Green Phillies RC
69 Todd Greene USA Team USA
70 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners All-Star
71 Kelly Gruber Blue Jays All-Star
72 Ozzie Guillen White Sox All-Star
73 Tony Gwynn Padres All-Star
74 Shane Halter Twins RC
75 Jeffrey Hammonds USA Team USA
76 Larry Hanlon Rangers RC
77 Pete Harnisch Astros All-Star
78 Mike Harrison Reds RC
79 Bryan Harvey Angels All-Star
80 Scott Hatteberg Red Sox RC
81 Rick Helling USA Team USA
82 Dave Henderson A's All-Star
83 Rickey Henderson A's All-Star
84 Tyrone Hill Brewers RC
85 Todd Hollandsworth Dodgers RC
86 Brian Holliday Astros RC
87 Terry Horn Red Sox RC
88 Jeff Hostetler RC Expos RC
89 Kent Hrbek Twins Playoffs
90 Mark Hubbard Yankees RC
91 Charles Johnson USA Team USA
92 Howard Johnson Mets All-Star
93 Todd Johnson USA Team USA
94 Bobby Jones Mets RC
95 Dan Jones Pirates RC
96 Felix Jose Cardinals All-Star
97 David Justice Braves World Series
98 Jimmy Key Blue Jays All-Star
99 Marc Kroon Mets RC
100 John Kruk Phillies All-Star
101 Mark Langston Angels
102 Barry Larkin Reds All-Star
103 Mike LaValliere Pirates All-Star
104 Scott Leius Twins World Series
105 Mark Lemke Braves World Series
106 Donnie Leshnock USA Team USA
107 Jimmy Lewis Astros RC
108 Shawn Livsey Astros RC
109 Ryan Long Royals RC
110 Trevor Mallory Blue Jays RC
111 Dennis Martinez Expos All-Star
112 Justin Mashore Tigers RC
113 Jason McDonald USA Team USA
114 Jack McDowell White Sox All-Star
115 Tom McKinnon Cardinals RC
116 Billy McMillon USA Team USA
117 Buck McNabb Astros RC
118 Jim Mecir Mariners RC
119 Dan Melendez USA Team USA
120 Shawn Miller Twins RC
121 Trever Miller Tigers RC
122 Paul Molitor Brewers All-Star
123 Vincent Moore Braves RC
124 Mike Morgan Dodgers All-Star
125 Jack Morris Twins World Series
126 Jack Morris Twins All-Star
127 Sean Mulligan Padres RC
128 Eddie Murray Dodgers All-Star
129 Mike Neill A's RC
130 Phil Nevin USA Team USA
131 Mark O'Brien Rangers RC
132 Alex Ochoa Orioles RC
133 Chad Ogea Indians RC
134 Greg Olson Braves Playoffs
135 Paul O'Neill Reds All-Star
136 Jared Osentowski Mets RC
137 Mike Pagliarulo Twins Playoffs
138 Rafael Palmeiro Rangers All-Star
139 Rodney Pedraza Expos RC
140 Tony Phillips USA Team USA
141 Scott Pisciotta Expos RC
142 Chris Pritchett Angels RC
143 Jason Pruitt Royals RC
144 Kirby Puckett Twins World Series UER
145 Kirby Puckett Twins All-Star
146 Manny Ramirez Indians RC
147 Eddie Ramos Astros RC
148 Mark Ratekin Angels RC
149 Jeff Reardon Red Sox All-Star
150 Sean Rees Mariners RC
151 Pokey Reese Reds RC
152 Desi Relaford Mariners RC
153 Eric Richardson White Sox RC
154 Cal Ripken Orioles All-Star
155 Chris Roberts USA Team USA
156 Mike Robertson White Sox RC
157 Steve Rodriguez USA Team USA
158 Mike Rossiter A's RC
159 Scott Ruffcorn White Sox
160 Chris Sabo Reds All-Star
161 Juan Samuel Dodgers All-Star
162 Ryne Sandberg Cubs All-Star UER
163 Scott Sanderson Yankees All-Star
164 Benny Santiago Padres All-Star
165 Gene Schall Phillies RC
166 Chad Schoenvogel Red Sox RC
167 Chris Seelbach Braves RC
168 Aaron Sele Red Sox RC
169 Basil Shabazz Cardinals RC
170 Al Shirley Mets RC
171 Paul Shuey USA Team USA
172 Ruben Sierra Rangers All-Star
173 John Smiley Pirates All-Star
174 Lee Smith Cardinals All-Star
175 Ozzie Smith Cardinals All-Star
176 Tim Smith A's RC
177 Zane Smith Pirates Playoffs
178 John Smoltz Braves Playoffs
179 Scott Stahoviak Twins RC
180 Kennie Steenstra USA Team USA
181 Kevin Stocker Phillies RC
182 Chris Stynes Blue Jays RC
183 Danny Tartabull Royals All-Star
184 Brien Taylor Yankees RC
185 Todd Taylor USA Team USA
186 Larry Thomas White Sox RC
187 Ozzie Timmons Cubs RC
188 David Tuttle USA Team USA UER
189 Andy Van Slyke Pirates Playoffs
190 Frank Viola Mets All-Star
191 Michael Walkden Dodgers RC
192 Jeff Ware USA Team USA
193 Allen Watson Cardinals RC
194 Steve Whitaker Giants RC
195 Jerry Willard Braves World Series
196 Craig Wilson USA Team USA
197 Chris Wimmer USA Team USA
198 Steve Wojciechowski A's RC
199 Joel Wolfe A's RC
200 Ivan Zweig USA Team USA