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1992 Triple Play is a baseball card set, produced and distributed by Donruss. Donruss introduced this fourth brand (after the flagship Donruss Baseball, the high end Leaf Baseball, and the experiment Studio Baseball) as a low end product, marketed specifically for children rather than teenage and adult collectors. The company had doubled the retail price of packs for 1992 Donruss Baseball from the previous year and wanted to still offer a cheaper product that children could afford. The cards were colorful, with very good photography, and subsets focusing on some of the less serious aspects of the game. The brand found moderate success, but was canceled after the baseball strike in 1994.


The first Triple Play set was distributed at both hobby and retail outlets. There were two types of packs, 59 cent wax packs (12 card per pack and 36 packs per box) and jumbo packs (20 cards per pack, 40 packs per box). As with most sets from the early 1990's, the cards were produced in massive quantities. Each pack contained a Scratch Off game card.

Base Set


Scratch Offs


  • 1992 Triple Play Previews

An eight card preview set was sent to hobby dealers prior to the release of the main set.