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1993 Studio is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Donruss. For the third consecutive year, unlike the previous iterations of Studio, the primary photography was candid photos while the portraits were relegated to the card backs. Additional insert sets were also added to the packs expanding the overall set although the base set was reduced from 264 cards in 1992 Studio to 220 cards.


The cards were distributed in both hobby and retail outlets. There were traditional foil packs (36 packs per box with 12 cards per pack) as well as jumbo pack boxes (20 cards per pack with 24 packs per box).

Base Set[]

Insert Sets[]

After only a single insert set being included in 1992 Studio, 1993 saw four different sets. Heritage returned while others were added in the different types of packs.

Studio Heritage[]


Superstars on Canvas[]

Studio Thomas[]