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Base Set[]

The 825-card base set of 1993 includes base veteran cards, draft picks, an All-Star subset, dual cards of Marlins and Rockies players, and a Coming Attraction subset for future stars.

Key rookies in this set include: Jim Edmonds, Derek Jeter, and Jason Kendall

Gold Parallels[]

The Gold parallel cards were inserted 1 per wax pack, 3 per rack pack, 5 per jumbo pack and 10 per factory set of 1993 Topps. A gold color foil was stamped over the player name and team information on the card front. The checklist cards were replaced with players who were not included in the regular base set.

Black Gold Inserts[]

1993 Topps Black 08

This 44-card insert was inserted into packs and factory sets. Also inserted packs were seven "Winner" cards that could be redeemed for 11, 22, or all 44 cards depending on which card was pulled. The winner cards could be redeemed until Jan 31, 1994.

Full Shots Inserts[]

  • Full Shots Checklist and Gallery

These 3 1/2" x 5" oversized cards were inserted into Series I/II combo packs and in specially marked boxes of 1993 Bowman. The 21-card set feature full color action photos surrounded by a white border. Unlike many other oversized insert sets from 1993-1998, these pictures are unique rather than simple enlargements.

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