1996 Bowman was a baseball card set released by Topps. This was the first Bowman set to have a full parallel set of the base set.


The single series set was released in 24 pack boxes that contained 11 cards per pack. 1 insert or parallel card was inserted into every pack.

Base SetEdit

Base Set: 385 cards. The focus of the set is primarily on prospects and rookies, as only approximately 110 of the cards feature veterans.

Key CardsEdit

The rookie class in the 1996 set was relatively weak compared to many other Bowman releases from the 1990’s. There are a number of All-Star caliber major league players who have rookies included in the set: Carlos Guillen, Livan Hernandez, Mike Sweeney, Mike Cameron, Jose Guillen, Carl Pavano, Luis Castillo, Matt Morris, AJ Pierzynski, Jarrod Washburn

Base Parallel SetsEdit

The foil parallel set was the first full parallel set for any Bowman release. The cards were inserted 1 foil parallel or other insert per pack.

Insert SetsEdit

A couple of insert sets were inserted into the base 1996 Bowman set.

Mantle ReprintEdit

1996 Bowman Baseball NNO Mickey Mantle

To commemorate the passing of Mantle in late 1995, the Topps company included a reprint of the 1952 Bowman Mickey Mantle card into packs of 1996 Bowman.

Bowman’s Best PreviewEdit

As another innovation in the set, preview cards of the upcoming Bowman’s Best set that would be released later in the year. This 30 card set features fifteen current superstars in the league and fifteen prospects. The base level cards were inserted into packs at a rate of 1 per 12 packs while Refractors were inserted 1 per 24 packs and Atomic Refractors were inserted 1 per 48 packs.

Minor League Players of the YearEdit

The first true insert set in a Bowman product. This 15 card set features prospects and was inserted 1:12 packs. The cards feature players that were their teams’ best players in the minor leagues. The most notable players are Andruw Jones and Vladimir Guerrero.

Other InformationEdit

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