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The 1996 Minor Players of the Year set was an insert set in 1996 Bowman. The cards feature potential player of the year candidates from several different minor league systems. This was one of the first insert sets in a Bowman product. They were inserted 1:12 packs or approximately 2 per box.



Number Player Team
1 Andruw Jones Braves
2 Derrick Gibson Rockies
3 Bobby Abreu Astros
4 Todd Walker Twins
5 Jamey Wright Brewers
6 Wes Helms Braves
7 Karim Garcia Dodgers
8 Bartolo Colon Indians
9 Alex Ochoa Mets
10 Mike Sweeney Royals
11 Ruben Rivera Yankees
12 Gabe Alvarez Padres
13 Billy Wagner Marlins
14 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
15 Edgard Velazquez Yankees