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1998 Rookie of the Year Favorites is an insert set in 1997 Bowman. This 15-card insert set featuring players who could potentially win the Rookie of the Year award in 1998. These cards were inserted 1 per 12 packs of Series 2. They are also easily found on the secondary market.

Not surprisingly, none of the players in the set went on to win a Rookie of the Year award. However many would go on to have successful major league careers. Juan Melo had the worst career of any player included in the set with only 1 career hit, appearing in all of 11 games in 2000 for the Giants while playing the rest of his career in the minor or independent leagues.



Number Player Team
ROY1 Jeff Abbott White Sox
ROY2 Karim Garcia Dodgers
ROY3 Todd Helton Rockies
ROY4 Richard Hidalgo Astros
ROY5 Geoff Jenkins Brewers
ROY6 Russ Johnson Astros
ROY7 Paul Konerko Dodgers
ROY8 Mark Kotsay Marlins
ROY9 Ricky Ledee Yankees
ROY10 Travis Lee Diamondbacks
ROY11 Derrek Lee Marlins
ROY12 Elieser Marrero Royals
ROY13 Juan Melo Padres
ROY14 Brian Rose Red Sox
ROY15 Fernando Tatis Cardinals