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Warning Track is an insert set in 1997 Leaf. The cards were inserted in Series 2 packs and were printed on canvas rather than normal card stock. The insertion odds of the cards were not released and each card was serial numbered to 3500 copies.


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Number Player Team
1 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners
2 Albert Belle Indians
3 Barry Bonds Giants
4 Andruw Jones Braves
5 Kenny Lofton Indians
6 Tony Gwynn Padres
7 Manny Ramirez Indians
8 Rusty Greer Rangers
9 Bernie Williams Yankees
10 Gary Sheffield Marlins
11 Juan Gonzalez Rangers
12 Raul Mondesi Dodgers
13 Brady Anderson Orioles
14 Rondell White Expos
15 Sammy Sosa Cubs
16 Deion Sanders Braves
17 David Justice Indians
18 Jim Edmonds Angels

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