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Future All-Stars is an insert set in 1997 Topps Stars. This 15-card set features players who were expected to be fixtures in the All-Star game for the next ten years. Six out of the 15 players would go on to be stars in the major leagues. The cards were inserted 1:12 packs.


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Number Player Team
FAS1 Derek Jeter Yankees
FAS2 Andruw Jones Braves
FAS3 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
FAS4 Scott Rolen Phillies
FAS5 Jose Guillen Pirates
FAS6 Jose Cruz Jr. Blue Jays
FAS7 Darin Erstad Angels
FAS8 Tony Clark Tigers
FAS9 Scott Spiezio A's
FAS10 Kevin Orie Cubs
FAS11 Pokey Reese Reds
FAS12 Billy Wagner Astros
FAS13 Matt Morris Cardinals
FAS14 Jeremi Gonzalez Cubs
FAS15 Hideki Irabu Yankees