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1998 Metal Universe is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Fleer.


Base Set[]

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Precious Metal Gems Parallel Set[]

Insert Sets[]

There were several insert sets with varying rates, however the checklists for the sets feature the same players repeatedly. Ken Griffey Jr, Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Cruz Jr, and Cal Ripken appear in all five sets. The players typically appear in a similar number order as well, much like a broken record. Mark McGwire (arguably the most important player in baseball in 1998) only appears in one set, while Sammy Sosa fails to appear in any! Juan Gonzalez, who won the ALP MVP in 1998 also does not appear in any of the insert sets, nor do the two Cy Young winners Tom Glavine and Roger Clemens. All three of whom were very popular in the hobby.

All-Galactic Team[]

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Universal Language[]

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