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2000 ROY Favorites is an insert set in 1999 Bowman Chrome. The 10-card set features players who could win the Rookie of the Year award in the next baseball season. The cards were inserted in Series 2 packs at a rate of 1:20. A Refractor parallel set was also inserted into packs at a rate of 1:100.

Not surprisingly, Topps did not manage to include either 2000 Rookie of the Year winner in this set. Kaz Sasaki came over from Japan and had not even signed with the Mariners by the time the 1999 Bowman Chrome was released. Rafael Furcal was just as unforseen, he jumped to the bigs after being in just A+ ball the year before.


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ROY-1 - Ryan Anderson
ROY-2 - Pat Burrell
ROY-3 - AJ Burnett
ROY-4 - Ruben Mateo
ROY-5 - Alex Escobar
ROY-6 - Pablo Ozuna
ROY-7 - Mark Mulder
ROY-8 - Corey Patterson
ROY-9 - George Lombard
ROY-10- Nick Johnson

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