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Base Set[]

1999 UD Retro Base 076

Parallel Sets[]

The base set was paralleled by two sets, a Gold set (serial numbered to 250) and a Platinum set (each a 1/1).

Insert Sets[]

The insert sets in 1999 UD Retro all utilized an old school/throwback theme. Each set was paralleled by a serial numbered Level 2 set which are much more rare on the secondary market.

Distant Replay[]

1999 UD Retro DR 03

This 15-card set featuring current major league superstars was inserted one in eight packs.


1999 UD Ink HK

The Inkredible set features 29 players with on card autographs including Hall of Famers, current stars and prospects. The Level 2 parallel set was serial numbered to the player's jersey number and are quite rare.

Old School New School[]

1999 UD Retro OSNS 19

This 30-card set features two different card designs, one for the veterans (Old School) and one for the young players and prospects (new school). The cards were all serial numbered to 1000 copies and were randomly inserted into packs.

Throwback Attack[]

1999 UD Retro T12

This 15-card set pays homage to the 1959 Topps Baseball set with its design. The cards were inserted one in five packs.