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2000 Aurora is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Pacific in the year 2000. It was the last Aurora set produced prior to Pacific's bankruptcy.


The set was released in March 2000. Each pack contained six cards.

Base Set[]

2000 Aurora Base 111

The 2000 Aurora set is made up of 151 cards. The set was arranged and numbered by team, in the order of the city's name. There were not an even number of players from each team included, with no team having less than 4 players included. The background palette for each card was based on the team as well.

There were two versions of card #133, to showcase Ken Griffey Jr's switch from the Mariners to the Reds. It was the first baseball card that featured Griffey on the Reds and thus commanded high premiums when the set was first released (as high as $15-$30 for the card).

Premier Date Parallel Set[]

2000 Aurora Griffey Prem

All 151 cards were paralleled in this set. The cards were inserted at a rate of 1:37 packs and serial numbered to 52 copies each. The only difference between the base set and the parallel is the stamp in the bottom left corner of the card front that shows the serial number and the date March 15, 2000 (when the set was released).

Insert Sets[]

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