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Base Set[]

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Key Cards[]

Key rookie cards in this set include Albert Pujols, Hank Blalock, Ichiro Suzuki, Travis Hafner, Jose Reyes, Justin Morneau, and Jake Peavy. It is very important to note the both the Ichiro and Pujols cards were released as exchange cards only and that redemption card expired 6/30/2003. It is unknown the exact quantities of each that exist.

Short Prints[]



Futures Game Relics[]

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Rookie Reprints[]

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A 25-card set of reprinted Bowman rookie cards using Chrome technology. The basic cards were inserted 1:12 packs. The set was also paralleled by a Refractor set, inserted 1:203 packs and serial numbered to 299 copies each.

Rookie Reprint Relics[]

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A six card set featuring game used jersey swatch and bat chips imbedded in chrome reprints of modern Bowman rookie cards. Five of the six cards are jersey cards. The card were inserted at an overall rate of approximately 1:240 packs.

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