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Significant Signatures is an insert set in 2001 Donruss Classics. 83 of the cards numbered 101-200 are paralleled in this set. The stated odds were 1:18 packs or 1 per hobby box. Cards numbered 101-150 have sticker autographs while cards numbered 151-200 are hand signed. A very large number of these cards were inserted as exchange cards.

The following players were all inserted as redemption cards with an expiration date of Sep 10, 2003: Hank Aaron, Luis Aparicio, Ernie Banks, Josh Beckett, Yogi Berra, Rod Carew, Steve Carlton, Orlando Cepeda, Adam Dunn, Johnny Estrada, Bob Feller, Carlton Fisk, Whitey Ford, Bob Gibson, Reggie Jackson, Nick Johnson, Juan Marichal, Willie Mays, Paul Molitor, Joe Morgan, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Corey Patterson, Tony Perez, Kirby Puckett, Phil Rizzuto, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, CC Sabathia, Ryne Sandberg, Mike Schmidt, Ben Sheets, Ozzie Smith, Billy Williams, Dave Winfield and Robin Yount

Also redemptions for #162 Sandy Koufax were switched for a card of Nolan Ryan in an Astros uniform after no agreement could be reached with Koufax. Similarly Ron Santo was substituted for #185 Robin Roberts.

Officially there are only 83 cards in this set, but unsigned copies of card #162B Sandy Koufax, #180 Babe Ruth and #183 Roberto Clemente have all been sighted on the secondary market. It is suspected that unsigned version of card #185 for Robin Roberts may also exist.



Number Player Team Note
101 Aubrey Huff Devil Rays
103 Cory Aldridge Braves
105 Josh Beckett Marlins SP
106 Wilson Betemit Braves
107 Timo Perez Mets
108 Albert Pujols Cardinals
110 Jack Wilson Pirates
111 Alex Escobar Mets
112 Johnny Estrada Phillies
113 Pedro Feliz Giants
114 Nate Frese Cubs
115 Carlos Garcia Dodgers
116 Brandon Larson Reds
118 Jason Hart A's
119 Adam Dunn Reds SP
120 Marcus Giles Braves
121 Christian Parker Yankees
126 Jose Mieses Brewers
127 CC Sabathia Indians
129 Xavier Nady Padres
130 Horacio Ramirez Braves
131 Abraham Nunez Marlins
132 Jose Ortiz A's
133 Jeremy Owens Padres
134 Claudio Vargas Marlins
135 Corey Patterson Cubs SP
136 Andres Torres Tigers
137 Ben Sheets Brewers SP
138 Joe Crede White Sox
139 Adam Pettyjohn Tigers
140 Elpidio Guzman Angels
141 Jay Gibbons Orioles
142 Wilken Ruan Expos
144 Alfonso Soriano Yankees SP
145 Nick Johnson Yankees SP
147 Juan Uribe Rockies
149 Carlos Valderrama Giants
151 Henry Aaron Braves SP
152 Ernie Banks Cubs
153 Johnny Bench Reds SP
154 George Brett Royals SP
155 Lou Brock Cardinals
156 Rod Carew Twins
157 Steve Carlton Phillies
158 Bob Feller Indians
159 Bob Gibson Cardinals
160 Reggie Jackson Yankees SP
161 Al Kaline Tigers
162A Nolan Ryan Astros SP - Redemption
162B Sandy Koufax Dodgers No Auto
163 Don Mattingly Yankees
164 Willie Mays Giants SP
165 Willie McCovey Giants
166 Joe Morgan Reds
167 Stan Musial Cardinals SP
168 Jim Palmer Orioles
169 Brooks Robinson Orioles
170 Frank Robinson Orioles
171 Nolan Ryan Rangers SP
172 Mike Schmidt Phillies
173 Tom Seaver Mets
174 Warren Spahn Braves
175 Robin Yount Brewers SP
176 Wade Boggs Red Sox SP
179 Luis Aparicio White Sox
180 Babe Ruth Yankees No Auto
181 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
182 Yogi Berra Yankees
183 Roberto Clemente Pirates No Auto
184 Eddie Murray Orioles
185 Ron Santo Cubs Redemption
186 Duke Snider Dodgers
187 Orlando Cepeda Giants
188 Billy Williams Cubs
189 Juan Marichal Giants
190 Harmon Killebrew Twins
191 Kirby Puckett Twins SP
192 Carlton Fisk Red Sox
193 Dave Winfield Padres SP
194 Whitey Ford Yankees
195 Paul Molitor Brewers SP
196 Tony Perez Reds
197 Ozzie Smith Cardinals SP
198 Ralph Kiner Pirates
199 Fergie Jenkins Cubs
200 Phil Rizzuto Yankees