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Back 2 Back Jacks is an insert set in 2001 Donruss Elite. This 45-card set features game used batch chips from some of baseball’s best hitters, both former and current players included. The is highlighted by bat pieces from Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobb. Cards 1-30 feature a single player, while cards numbered 31-45 feature two players. 4 of the cards were packed out as exchange cards, redeemable until May 1, 2003.

16 of the 45 cards were paralleled with an autographed version. Only Johnny Bench, Al Kaline and Harmon Killebrew signed cards in time for pack out, the rest were packed out as exchange cards, redeemable until May 1, 2003.


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Price Report[]

  • June 2009
    • Babe Ruth - $95


Number Player Team PR EXCH AU PR
BB1 Ernie Banks Cubs 75 25
BB2 Ryne Sandberg Cubs 75 25
BB3 Babe Ruth Yankees 100
BB4 Lou Gehrig Yankees 100
BB5 Eddie Mathews Braves 100 EXCH
BB6 Troy Glaus Angels 50 50
BB7 Don Mattingly Yankees 50 50
BB8 Todd Helton Rockies 100
BB9 Wade Boggs Red Sox 100
BB10 Tony Gwynn Padres 100
BB11 Robin Yount Brewers 100
BB12 Paul Molitor Brewers 50 50
BB13 Mike Schmidt Phillies 50
BB14 Scott Rolen Phillies 75 25
BB15 Reggie Jackson Yankees 100
BB16 Dave Winfield Yankees 100
BB17 Johnny Bench Reds 50 50
BB18 Joe Morgan Reds 100
BB19 Brooks Robinson Orioles 50 50
BB20 Cal Ripken Orioles 100
BB21 Ty Cobb Tigers 100
BB22 Al Kaline Tigers 50 50
BB23 Frank Robinson Reds 50 50
BB24 Frank Thomas White Sox 100 EXCH
BB25 Roberto Clemente Pirates 100
BB26 Vladimir Guerrero Expos 50 50
BB27 Harmon Killebrew Twins 50 50
BB28 Kirby Puckett Twins 100
BB29 Yogi Berra Yankees 75 25
BB30 Phil Rizzuto Yankees 75 25
BB31 Banks/Sandberg Cubs 50
BB32 Ruth/Gehrig Yankees 50
BB33 Mathews/Glaus 50 EXCH
BB34 Mattingly/Helton 50
BB35 Boggs/Gwynn 50
BB36 Yount/Molitor Brewers 50
BB37 Schmidt/Rolen Phillies 50
BB38 R.Jackson/Winfield Yankees 50
BB39 Bench/Morgan Reds 50
BB40 B.Robinson/Ripken Orioles 50
BB41 Cobb/Kaline Tigers 50
BB42 F.Robinson/Thomas 50 EXCH
BB43 Clemente/Guerrero 50
BB44 Killebrew/Puckett Twins 50
BB45 Berra/Rizzuto Yankees 25 25