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The Base Set of 2001 Fleer Platinum is made up of 601 cards that were released in two series. The first series contains cards 1-301 with a Rookies and Prospects subset (numbers 251-280) and an All-Star subset (281-300). The final card in the first series was a special Albert Pujols rookie card that was serial numbered to 1500 copies. The second series makes up cards 302-601. The second series contains a number of subsets also: Chart Toppers (featuring league leaders) 402-431, Team Leaders (modeled after x) 432-461, Franchise Futures (a veteran and prospect from each team) 462-481, Postseaon Glory 482-501, and Rookies 502-601.

Short Prints[]

Cards 251-301, 402, 502-528, and 530-601 were all short printed. They were inserted at a rate of 1:3 hobby/retail, 1:2 jumbo and 1:1 rack packs. Card 402 was not supposed to be a short print, according to Fleer this Chart Topper card of Freddy Garcia was accidently swapped on the printing sheets with card 529 Mark Prior's rookie card, that had been planned to be a short print. The only serial numbered card is number 301, the special Pujols cards.


It should be noted that forgery copies of the Ichiro Suzuki rookie #252 and the Pujols #301 have both been spotted on the secondary market. The Pujols is particularly difficult to spot because serial numbered stickers from other cards serial numbered to 1500 have been applied to the card back.



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