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2001 Lumberjacks was an insert set of 2001 Fleer Platinum. Inserted into second series rack packs at a rate of 1:1, this 27 card set features some of the more feared sluggers in the game, as well as several young hitters poised for a breakout. The cards are unnumbered, but typically organized alphabetically by last name. The Albert Pujols card is notable as one of the game used cards from his rookie year. The inclusion of Christian Guzman and Drew Henson are laughable now, but both were highly touted prospects back in 2001. The Manny Ramirez card was also in demand back in 2001 because he had just joined the Red Sox. The Cal Ripken and JD Drew are noted as short prints and are slightly more difficult to find than many of the other cards in the set.



Number Player Team Note
1 Roberto Alomar Indians
2 Moises Alou Astros
3 Adrian Beltre Dodgers
4 Lance Berkman Astros
5 Barry Bonds Giants
6 Bret Boone Mariners
7 JD Drew Cardinals SP
8 Adam Dunn Reds
9 Darin Erstad Angels
10 Cliff Floyd Marlins
11 Brian Giles Pirates
12 Luis Gonzalez D-Backs
13 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
14 Cristian Guzman Twins
15 Tony Gwynn Padres
16 Todd Helton Rockies
17 Drew Henson Yankees
18 Derek Jeter Yankees
19 Chipper Jones Braves
20 Mike Piazza Mets
21 Albert Pujols Cardinals RC
22 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
23 Cal Ripken Orioles SP
24 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
25 Gary Sheffield Dodgers
26 Mike Sweeney Royals
27 Larry Walker Rockies

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