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2001 Fleer Prime Numbers is an insert set in 2001 Fleer Platinum. The cards were inserted in second series Jumbo packs at a rate of 1:12 packs. Each card features a multei-colored prime piece of jersey. Although it was originally believed that some of the cards were short printed, this does not appear to be the case.



Number Player Team
1 Jeff Bagwell Astros
2 Cal Ripken Orioles
3 Barry Bonds Giants
4 Todd Helton Rockies
5 Derek Jeter Yankees
6 Tony Gwynn Padres
7 Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners
8 Chan Ho Park Dodgers
9 Sean Casey Reds
10 Chipper Jones Braves
11 Pedro Martinez Red Sox
12 Mike Piazza Mets
13 Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
14 Craig Biggio Astros
15 Roger Clemens Yankees

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