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Crowning Achievements is an insert set in 2001 Fleer Triple Crown. This 15-card set was inserted at a rate of 1:12 packs and feature players who have recently achieved or would soon achievement a career or statistical milestone.



Number Player Team
1 Troy Glaus Angels
2 Mark McGwire Cardinals
3 Larkin / Galarraga / Biggio Multi
4 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
5 Rafael Palmeiro Rangers
6 Alex Rodriguez Rangers
7 Roger Clemens Yankees
8 Mike Piazza Mets
9 Cal Ripken Orioles
10 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
11 Jeff Bagwell Astros
12 Sammy Sosa Cubs
13 Greg Maddux Braves
14 Barry Bonds Giants
15 Fred McGriff Devil Rays

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