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Crowns of Gold Memorabilia Autographs is an insert set in 2001 Fleer Triple Crown. This four card set is a partial parallel set of the 2001 Fleer Triple Crown Crowns of Gold Memorabilia set. 3 of the 4 cards are hand signed and serial numbered. The fourth card was originally sent out as a redemption, but Ted Williams passed away before signing any of the cards. Instead when exchanged, a collector would have received other autographed and game used cards from Fleer. A few copies though have been spotted on the secondary market, apparently back doored after Fleer's bankruptcy.



Number Player Team Game Used Serial Number
1 Steve Carlton Phillies Jersey 72
2 Roger Clemens Yankees Jersey 98
3 Frank Robinson Orioles Bat 66
4 Ted Williams Red Sox Bat 9

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