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2001 Leather and Lumber is an insert set in 2001 Studio.

The base Leather and Lumber set was 47 card set of game used bat chips from many of the game’s current stars including some pitchers. Cards #4, 22, and 39 do not exist and several others were printed in lesser quantities but none of the cards are serial numbered. The short prints in the set are noted by SP in the checklist below.

The set was paralleled by a Combo set featuring a piece of game used ball as well as a bat chip. These cards were serial numbered to 25 copies and are much more rare than the base bat cards. None of these cards were printed in fewer quantities than 25.

Note: the Albert Pujols card in this set remains in high demand.



Number Player Team SP
LL1 Barry Bonds Giants
LL2 Cal Ripken Jr Orioles
LL3 Miguel Tejada A's
LL4 Does Not Exist
LL5 Frank Thomas White Sox
LL6 Greg Maddux Braves
LL7 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
LL8 Jeff Bagwell Astros SP
LL9 Sean Casey Reds SP
LL10 Todd Helton Rockies
LL11 Cliff Floyd Expos
LL12 Hideo Nomo Dodgers
LL13 Chipper Jones Braves
LL14 Rickey Henderson Mets
LL15 Richard Hidalgo Astros
LL16 Mike Piazza Mets
LL17 Larry Walker Rockies
LL18 Tony Gwynn Padres
LL19 Vladimir Guerrero Expos
LL20 Rafael Furcal Braves
LL21 Roberto Alomar Orioles SP
LL22 Does Not Exist
LL23 Albert Pujols Cardinals
LL24 Raul Mondesi Blue Jays
LL25 JD Drew Cardinals
LL26 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
LL27 Darin Erstad Angels SP
LL28 Craig Biggio Astros
LL29 Kenny Lofton Indians
LL30 Juan Gonzalez Indians
LL31 John Olerud Blue Jays
LL32 Shawn Green Dodgers
LL33 Andruw Jones Braves SP
LL34 Moises Alou Astros
LL35 Jeff Kent Giants
LL36 Ryan Klesko Padres
LL37 Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks
LL38 Rafael Palmeiro Rangers
LL39 Does Not Exist
LL40 Scott Rolen Phillies
LL41 Carlos Lee White Sox
LL42 Bob Abreu Phillies
LL43 Edgardo Alfonzo Mets
LL44 Bernie Williams Yankees
LL45 Brian Giles Pirates
LL46 Jermaine Dye A's
LL47 Lance Berkman Astros
LL48 Edgar Martinez Mariners
LL49 Richie Sexson Brewers
LL50 Magglio Ordonez White Sox