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2001 Warning Track is an insert set in 2001 Studio. All three variations were randomly inserted into packs.

The base 34 card set that consisted of great sluggers and pieces of the walls from various stadiums, primarily Three Rivers Stadium that was home field of the Pirates prior to their new PNC park. Note – Card #26 Hank Aaron does not exist in the set and Card #28 Roberto Clemente is short printed. None of the cards are serial numbered.

The set was paralleled by an Off The Wall parallel set that serial numbered to 25 copies per card. Card #26 Hank Aaron is included. Additionally a partial parallel set of seven of the cards were sticker autographed and serial numbered to 25 copies per card.

Warning Track Gallery[]


Number Player Team AU
WT-01 Andruw Jones Braves
WT-02 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles AU
WT-03 Gary Sheffield Dodgers
WT-04 Larry Walker Rockies
WT-05 Shawn Green Dodgers AU
WT-06 Mike Piazza Mets
WT-07 Barry Bonds Giants
WT-08 JD Drew Cardinals
WT-09 Magglio Ordonez White Sox
WT-10 Todd Helton Rockies
WT-11 Juan Gonzalez Indians AU
WT-12 Pat Burrell Phillies
WT-13 Mark McGwire Cardinals
WT-14 Frank Robinson Orioles
WT-15 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
WT-16 Lance Berkman Astros AU
WT-17 Kirby Puckett Twins
WT-18 Johnny Bench Reds
WT-19 Chipper Jones Braves
WT-20 Mike Schmidt Phillies
WT-21 Vladimir Guerrero Expos AU
WT-22 Sammy Sosa Cubs
WT-23 Cal Ripken Jr Orioles
WT-24 Roberto Alomar Indians AU
WT-25 Willie Stargell Pirates
WT-26 Hank Aaron Braves
WT-27 Scott Rolen Phillies
WT-28 Roberto Clemente Pirates
WT-29 Tony Gwynn Padres AU
WT-30 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
WT-31 Sean Casey Indians
WT-32 Frank Thomas White Sox
WT-33 Jeff Bagwell Astros
WT-34 Jeff Kent Giants
WT-35 Reggie Jackson Yankees