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Autographs is an insert set in 2001 Topps Stars. The 13-card set feature on-card autographs of some of baseball's great players. The cards were inserted in all packs at a rate of 1:353 packs. More than half the players had not returned their cards in time for packout and thus were inserted as exchange cards. The redemption cards expired on 4/30/03. Eric Munson seems very misplaced to be in this set.


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Number Player Team EXCH
TSA-CD Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
TSA-DS Duke Snider Dodgers EXCH
TSA-EB Ernie Banks Cubs EXCH
TSA-EM Eric Munson Tigers
TSA-IR Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
TSA-JM Juan Marichal Giants EXCH
TSA-JP Jim Palmer Orioles
TSA-RC Rod Carew Angels EXCH
TSA-SM Stan Musial Cardinals
TSA-TH Todd Helton Rockies EXCH
TSA-TP Tony Perez Reds EXCH
TSA-WS Warren Spahn Braves
TSA-YB Yogi Berra Yankees EXCH