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Base Set[]

The base set consists of 200 cards with no short prints or variations. The set primarily focuses on veterans with a small subset of Hall of Fame players and 22 rookie cards including Jose Reyes, Jake Peavy and Albert Pujols.

Parallel Sets[]

There were two full parallel sets for 2001 Topps Stars. The Gold set was inserted at a rate of 1:9 packs and were serial numbered to 499 copies each. The Onyx cards were much more rare, serial numbered to 99 and inserted at a rate of 1:48 packs. There was also a partial parallel set (134 out of 200 cards) called the Elimination set, that offered a chance to win tickets to the 2002 MLB All-Star Game. These cards were not serial numbered (but stated print run of 100 copies per card) and were inserted at a rate 1:72 packs.

Elimination Parallels[]

Insert Sets[]


Game Gear Autographs[]

Game Gear Bats[]

2001 Topps Stars GGB RSR

This 21-card card set features game used bat chips from many of baseball’s rising stars. The cards were inserted at an overall rate of 1:187 packs.

Game Gear Jerseys[]

Players Choice Awards[]

2001 Topps Stars PCA 10

This 10-card set features players nominated for various Players’ Choice Awards for the 2000 baseball season. Each card has three players and the cards were inserted 1:12 packs.

Players Choice Awards Relics[]