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Progression is an insert set in 2001 Topps Stars. The 9-card set features three players per card that are similar in terms of their abilities. The first player is a player of the past, the second the star of the present and the third player is a young rising star. The cards were inserted 1:8 packs.


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Number Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
P01 Ernie Banks Alex Rodriguez Alfonso Soriano
P02 Yogi Berra Ivan Rodriguez Roberto Hernandez
P03 Tony Perez Carlos Delgado Eric Munson
P04 Rod Carew Roberto Alomar Jose Ortiz
P05 Stan Musial Darin Erstad Alex Escobar
P06 Jim Palmer Kevin Brown Kurt Ainsworth
P07 Duke Snider Jim Edmonds Vernon Wells
P08 Warren Spahn Randy Johnson Ryan Anderson
P09 Juan Marichal Bartolo Colon B.Bradley