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Game Jersey is an insert set in 2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove. This 27-card set features game used jersey swatches of previous Gold Glove winners. The four short printed cards are not serial numbered but the print runs were confirmed by Upper Deck. The set is paralleled by a Gold set that was randomly inserted into packs and serial numbered to 25 copies.

The set checklist is heavily populated with New York Yankee players. Eight of the twenty seven players are Bronx Bombers. The Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Thurman Muson, and Bobby Richardson cards are all short printed and are all notable as very early game used cards for each player.



Number Player Team SP PR
GGAJ Andruw Jones Braves
GGBB Barry Bonds Giants
GGBR Bobby Richardson Yankees 274
GGBW Bernie Williams Yankees
GGCC Cesar Cedeno Astros
GGCF Carlton Fisk White Sox
GGCR Cal Ripken Orioles
GGDE Darin Erstad Angels
GGDM Don Mattingly Yankees
GGGC Gary Carter Mets
GGGM Greg Maddux Braves
GGIR Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
GGIS Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
GGJB Jeff Bagwell Astros
GGJK Jim Kaat Phillies
GGKG Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
GGLA Luis Aparicio White Sox
GGMG Mark Grace Diamondbacks
GGMMA Mickey Mantle Yankees 264
GGMMU Mike Mussina Yankees
GGOS Ozzie Smith Cardinals
GGOV Omar Vizquel Indians
GGRG Ron Guidry Yankees
GGRM Roger Maris Yankees 265
GGRP Rafael Palmeiro Rangers
GGSG Shawn Green Dodgers
GGTM Thurman Munson Yankees 204