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Base Set[]

The base set of 2002 Donruss is made up on 220 cards. The first 150 cards are all common cards. Cards 151-200 make up the Rated Rookies subset (inserted at a rate of 1:4 packs). Cards 201-220 make up the Fan Club subset (inserted at a rate of 1:8 packs).



All-Time Diamond Kings[]

2002 Don ATDK 06

This 10-card set celebrates some of the all-time greats who spent their entire careers with only one team, thus an All-Time Diamond King. Four Yankees are included in this set (you can probably guess 3 of them). The set was also paralleled by a Studio Series set.

Bat Kings[]

2002 Don BK 05

This 5-card game used set features modern and retired stars. Each card contains a bat chip and all are serial numbered. The set is paralleled by a Studio set.

Diamond Kings[]

2002 Don DK 16

This 20-card set continues the Diamond Kings insert sets that have been featured in Donruss since 1992. Unlike previous DK insert sets, not all teams get a player in the set. The set is paralleled by a Studio set.

Elite Series[]

Jersey Kings[]

2002 Don JK 03

This 15-card set features a mixture of current major league stars and a few retired stars as well. The card design is nearly identical to the Bat Kings insert set but with jersey swatches instead of bat chips. The set is also paralleled by a Studio set.

Longball Leaders[]

2002 Don LL 18

This 20-card set highlights the statistical leaders for home runs in the 2001 season with Barry Bonds leading the way with 73. The set is paralleled by a die cut set that is serial numbered to the home run total of the player for 2001, known as the Seasonal Sum parallel set. A small number of sets (SN to 5) were distributed at the Chicago National Convention in 2002.

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