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'Dress For Success is an insert set in 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars.


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Number Player Team GU
DS01 Mike Piazza Mets Jsy-Jsy
DS02 Cal Ripken Orioles Jsy-Jsy
DS03 Carlos Delgado Blue Jays Jsy-Jsy
DS04 Chipper Jones Braves Jsy-Jsy
DS05 Bernie Williams Yankees Jsy-Shoe
DS06 Carlos Beltran Royals Jsy-Shoe
DS07 Curt Schilling Diamondbacks Jsy-Jsy
DS08 Greg Maddux Braves Jsy-Jsy
DS09 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers Jsy-Jsy
DS10 Alex Rodriguez Rangers Jsy-Jsy
DS11 Roger Clemens Yankees Jsy-Jsy
DS12 Todd Helton Rockies Jsy-Jsy
DS13 Jim Edmonds Cardinals Shoe-Jsy
DS14 Manny Ramirez Red Sox Jsy-Fld Glv
DS15 Mark Buehrle White Sox Jsy-Shoe

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