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Statisical Standouts is an insert set in 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars. A 50-card insert set highlighting specific statistical accomplishments of some of baseball’s superstars. The base cards were inserted 1 per 12 packs. The set was fully paralleled by a Materials and Materials Super game used sets. The Materials set cards were not serial numbered. Some of the Materials cards are in shorter supply than the others, the print runs were released by Donruss. The Materials Super were each serial numbered to 25 copies and feature a larger swatch of game used material.

Donruss was able to use Upper Deck exclusive players by using game used bases rather than actual worn items.



Number Player Team GU PR
SS-01 Adam Dunn Reds Bat 200
SS-02 Alex Rodriguez Rangers Bat 200
SS-03 Andruw Jones Braves Bat 200
SS-04 Brian Giles Pirates Bat N/A
SS-05 Chipper Jones Braves Bat 200
SS-06 Cliff Floyd Marlins Jsy N/A
SS-07 Craig Biggio Astros Pants N/A
SS-08 Frank Thomas White Sox Jsy 125
SS-09 Fred McGriff Cubs Bat N/A
SS-10 Garret Anderson Angels Bat N/A
SS-11 Greg Maddux Braves Jsy 200
SS-12 Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks Jsy N/A
SS-13 Magglio Ordonez White Sox Bat 150
SS-14 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers Jsy 100
SS-15 Ken Griffey Jr Reds Base 100
SS-16 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners Base 100
SS-17 Jason Giambi Yankees Base N/A
SS-18 Derek Jeter Yankees Base 100
SS-19 Sammy Sosa Cubs Base 100
SS-20 Albert Pujols Cardinals Base 100
SS-21 JD Drew Cardinals Bat 150
SS-22 Jeff Bagwell Astros Pants 150
SS-23 Jim Edmonds Cardinals Bat N/A
SS-24 Jose Vidro Expos Bat N/A
SS-25 Juan Encarnacion Tigers Bat N/A
SS-26 Kerry Wood Cubs Jsy 200
SS-27 Al Leiter Mets Jsy N/A
SS-28 Curt Schilling Diamondbacks Jsy 225
SS-29 Manny Ramirez Red Sox Bat 100
SS-30 Lance Berkman Astros Bat 150
SS-31 Miguel Tejada A's Jsy N/A
SS-32 Mike Piazza Mets Bat 200
SS-33 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox Bat 200
SS-34 Omar Vizquel Indians Jsy N/A
SS-35 Pat Burrell Phillies Bat N/A
SS-36 Paul Konerko White Sox Jsy N/A
SS-37 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles Bat N/A
SS-38 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks Jsy 200
SS-39 Richie Sexson Brewers Jsy N/A
SS-40 Roger Clemens Yankees Jsy 200
SS-41 Shawn Green Dodgers Jsy N/A
SS-42 Todd Helton Rockies Jsy 175
SS-43 Tom Glavine Mets Jsy 125
SS-44 Troy Glaus Angels Jsy N/A
SS-45 Vladimir Guerrero Expos Jsy N/A
SS-46 Mike Sweeney Royals Bat N/A
SS-47 Alfonso Soriano Yankees Jsy 200
SS-48 Barry Zito A's Jsy 100
SS-49 John Smoltz Braves Jsy N/A
SS-50 Ellis Burks Indians Jsy 50

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