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An insert set in 2002 Topps Archives Baseball.


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Number Player Team Year
TUR-BB Bobby Bonds Giants 1973
TUR-DC Dave Concepcion Reds 1979
TUR-DE Dennis Eckersley A's 1992
TUR-DM Dale Murphy Braves 1983
TUR-DS Don Sutton Dodgers 1972
TUR-DW Dave Winfield Padres 1979
TUR-FL Fred Lynn Red Sox 1979
TUR-FR Frank Robinson Reds 1966
TUR-GB George Brett Royals 1980
TUR-GP Gaylord Perry Indians 1972
TUR-KP Kirby Puckett Twins 1988
TUR-NR Nolan Ryan Angels 1973
TUR-OC Orlando Cepeda Giants 1961
TUR-OS Ozzie Smith Cardinals 1987
TUR-PN Phil Niekro Braves 1969
TUR-RS Ryne Sandberg Cubs 1990
TUR-SA Sparky Anderson Tigers 1984
TUR-SG Steve Garvey Dodgers 1977
TUR-WB Wade Boggs Red Sox 1987
TUR-WC Will Clark Giants 1989