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Grandstand Glory is an insert set in 2002 Topps Heritage. This 12-card insert set features players from the 1950's along with swatch of wood from a bench or seat from a stadium from that era. The cards were inserted in five different groups at an overall rate of approximately 1 per 135 packs.

Insertion Odds[]

  • Group A - 1:4115
  • Group B - 1:531
  • Group C - 1:1576
  • Group D - 1:330
  • Group E - 1:483


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Number Player Team Group
GGBF Bob Feller Indians E
GGBM Billy Martin Yankees B
GGBP Billy Pierce White Sox B
GGBS Bobby Shantz A's D
GGEW Early Wynn Indians E
GGHN Hal Newhouser Tigers B
GGHS Hank Sauer Giants C
GGRC Roy Campanella Dodgers D
GGSP Satchel Paige Browns A
GGTK Ted Kluszewski Reds E
GGWF Whitey Ford Yankees D
GGWS Warren Spahn Braves D