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Glove Works is an insert set in 2002 Ultra. The 15-card set features players who were known for their exceptional defense. At least some of the players. By 2002 Cal Ripken’s defense was not what it used to be, Chipper Jones was not a strong defensive player, and Barry Bonds arm was below average by this point in his career. But it would be difficult to argue that the other players in the checklist were not worthy. The cards were inserted 1:20 hobby packs and 1:36 retail packs. The set was partially paralleled by a game used set as well.


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Number Player Team
1 Andruw Jones Braves
2 Derek Jeter Yankees
3 Cal Ripken Orioles
4 Larry Walker Rockies
5 Chipper Jones Braves
6 Barry Bonds Giants
7 Scott Rolen Cardinals
8 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
9 Robin Ventura Mets
10 Darin Erstad Angels
11 Barry Larkin Reds
12 Raul Mondesi Blue Jays
13 Mark Grace Diamondbacks
14 Bernie Williams Yankees
15 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers

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