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Diamond Cut Relicsis the main insert set in 2003 Bowman Heritage. These 56 cards feature current stars in the major league and various game used memorabilia cuts. Uniforms, bats and three series of jerseys were included. The 10 bat cards were seeded at a rate of 1:133 packs with approximately 325 copies of each printed. Jersey C group (Phelps and Alou) was also just as rare. Jersey B group (Grace) had a print run of approximately 450 cards. Jersey Group A and Uni relics both had print runs of approximately 625. On average two relics were in each box.

All of these jersey cards are either single color or pinstripe. The Roberto Clemente is notable - in 2003 there were very few game used cards of Clemente, thus the card had a very high demand.

Also two parallels of the Diamond Cut Relics were also produced. The Red version had a serial numbered run of 56 cards and were inserted 1:143 packs. The Gold version had a serial numbered print run of 1/1 set and were inserted 1:8193 packs.

Insertion Odds[]

  • Bat 1:133 packs
  • Uni 1:35 packs
  • Jsy A 1:28 packs
  • Jsy B 1:936 packs
  • Jsy C 1:626 packs
  • Red (all) 1:143 packs
  • Gold (all) 1:8193 packs


Price Report[]

  • June 2009
    • Zito Jersey $4 (did not sell)
    • Sheffield Jersey $4
    • Rolen Red Jersey (/56) $4


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