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World Piece Game Jersey is an insert set in 2003 Fleer Box Score. The cards feature game used jersey swatches of players born outside of the United States. The cards were inserted into International Road Trip box sets (1 box set was inserted into each Hobby Box) at a rate of 1 per box or 10 per hot box. Several of the cards were short printed but are not serial numbered. The print runs were released by Fleer.



Number Player Team PR
WP-FR Francisco Rodriguez Angels 100
WP-HC Hee-Seop Choi Cubs
WP-HN Hideo Nomo Dodgers
WP-IR Ivan Rodriguez Rangers
WP-JC Jose Cruz Jr. Giants 100
WP-KS Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners
WP-MT Miguel Tejada A's
WP-PM Pedro Martinez Red Sox
WP-SS Sammy Sosa Cubs
WP-VG Vladimir Guerrero Expos 200

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